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Живопись и рисованиеThe Art Of Walter Girotto

The Art Of Walter Girotto

Автор:Walter Girotto
Название:Art Fantastix 9 : The Art Of Walter Girotto
Издательство:MG Publishing
Размер:14 mb
Для сайта: www.eknigi.org

Born under Taurus in a small northern Italian town called Rovigo and it was May 4th when his family moved to Turin (Italy) to seek their fortune.
The only things he likes to remember about his town of origin are the branches of the weeping willow in the small garden, two tin soldiers and a picture of a whale, drawn at nursery school when he was 4, under the incredulous gaze of a nun who was unaware that her admiring glance was to decide his life as a painter.
In 1985, Girotto took part in his first Art-Expo in New York and, following this auspicious debut in which he sold everything within the first twenty minutes of the opening of the exhibition, he spent the rest of the show apologising for having no other works available.
Gratified by that flattering debut, Girotto took part with equal fortune in the next two New York Art-Expos until, in 1987, the meeting with dealer Robert Bane led to the show at the Tamara Bane Gallery in Los Angeles in 1988 and to which, considering its success, the ones in 1989 and 1990 were the natural sequel.
He faced than public opinion in a multitude of one-man exhibitions, enjoying widespread, sincere approval which often made him, as he says " … proud and confident I had given, at least to kindred spirits, the pleasure of seeing what my soul rejoiced at imagining transformed into shapes and colours."

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