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ЗдоровьеCrumbs from His Table

Crumbs from His Table
Название:Crumbs from His Table
Автор:Ramanananda Swarnagiri
Издательство:Sri Ramanasramam.Tiruvannamali
Дата издания:2006-08-15
Размер: 1.07 MB

If the size of a book is the measure of it's contents,Crumbs from His Table has certainly debunked this myth. Throughout the pages of this small book the author relates his personal interaction with Bhagavan Ramana from 1933 and notes down the wealth of practical wisdom he heard and absorbed in His presence. Sri Ramana himself would at times recommend Crumbs from His Table to seekers who naturally benefitted from the inspiration and guidance gleaned from it's pages. Talking of Sri Ramana Maharshi the famous British author Paul Brunton has the following to say: "The words of this Sage still flame out in my memory like beacon lights. I pluck golden fruit from rare meetings with wise men, wrote trans-Atlantic Emerson in his diary,and it is certain that I plucked whole basketfuls during my talks with this man.Our best philosophers could not hold a candle to him....

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