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ЗдоровьеManual Physical Therapy of the Spine

Manual Physical Therapy of the Spine
Автор: Kenneth A. Olson
Название: Manual Physical Therapy of the Spine
Издательство: Saunders
Год: 2008
Страниц: 320
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf / rar + 3%
Размер: 14,3 МБ
Для сайта: www.eKnigi.org

A hands-on, how-to approach helps you learn techniques and clinical problem-solving skills for treating spine and TMJ disorders! Written by a well-known authority on the subject of spinal manipulation in physical therapy, this book provides the information you need to make sound decisions during clinical interventions. An evidence-based impairment classification approach helps you provide the best outcomes for your patients. A companion DVD includes video clips demonstrating spinal examination and manipulation procedures. Specifically for physical therapists dedicated to spinal manipulation!
- Complete coverage meets the core curriculum needs of physical therapy students, and provides an excellent self-study tool for clinicians wanting to enhance their practice.
- Detailed information on treatment strategies and techniques includes evidence-based coverage of the examination and treatment of spine and TMJ disorders, with an emphasis on integration of manipulation and therapeutic exercise.
- A framework for completing a comprehensive exam includes medical screening, patient interview, disability assessment, and tests and measures, along with an evaluation of the examination findings and the principles involved in arriving at a diagnosis and plan of care.
- Narrated video clips on a companion DVD include step-by-step instructions of each procedure, plus a unique 3-dimensional perspective of over 80 spinal manipulations and procedures (frontal, lateral, and cranial views).
- Case studies demonstrate the clinical reasoning used in manual physical therapy.
- Guide to Physical Therapist Practice terminology is used throughout the book, making the content easier to understand and promoting conformity in terminology.
- Clear photographs show essential concepts and procedures from multiple angles, illustrating hand and body placement and direction of force.
- A clear, consistent format makes this a convenient reference in the clinical setting.
- Lay-flat binding allows the text to lay open for ease of use.

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