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ЗдоровьеIntegral Psychology: Yoga, Growth, and Opening the Heart

Integral Psychology: Yoga, Growth, and Opening the Heart
Название: Integral Psychology: Yoga, Growth, and Opening the Heart
Автор: Brant Cortright
Издательство: State University of New York Press
Год: 2007
Количество страниц: 232
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Размер: 2МБ
ISBN: 0791470717

A bold new view of the human psyche, integrating Eastern and Western approaches.

"Brant Cortright (Professor of Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies) presents Integral Psychology: Yoga, Growth, and Opening the Heart, a daring new approach to psychology and healing that seeks to learn from Eastern methods that focus on the inner being and the psyche's spiritual foundation, as well as the Western methods that focus on the outer being and the injuries of body, heart, mind, and self. Chapters apply classical East Indian yogas as a means to perceive psychotherapy: psychotherapy as behavior change or karma yoga, psychotherapy as mindfulness practice or jnana yoga, and psychotherapy as opening the heart or bhakti yoga. An approach that combines the best of both worlds for psychological and spiritual healing and self-improvement lies at the heart of Integral Psychology. Though Integral Psychology touches upon spirituality, the concepts presented are emphatically not meant to convert the reader to any specific religion, but rather to promote healing and wellness for patients of all faiths and cultural backgrounds. The result is a highly recommended supplementary text especially recommended for psychologists and psychotherapists." - reader's review.

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