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ЗдоровьеWalking for Fun and Fitness

Walking for Fun and Fitness
Название: Walking for Fun and Fitness, 4 edition
Автор: Jerald D. Hawkins, Sandra M. Hawkins
Издательство: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning
Год: 2011
Количество страниц: 128
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Размер: 13МБ
ISBN: 0495558567

Cengage Learning Activity Series Get the most out of your favorite physical activities. From aerobics and yoga--to bowling, tennis, weight training, and more--the Wadsworth Physical Education Activities Series goes beyond the basics, showing you how to improve, excel, and get more enjoyment from your activities, whatever your skill level and background may be. WALKING FOR FUN AND FITNESS, 4th Edition, is designed for college and University programs, health promotion programs, health/fitness clubs or anyone who wants to start an effective walking program. The text is divided into three parts: Part One is an introduction to walking that discusses the why's of walking; Part Two, Fun and Fitness Through Walking, discusses exercise principles and technique; and Part Three, Maximizing Your Walking Program, covers injury prevention, nutrition and weight management. Armed with the knowledge of this book, you will learn effective motivation techniques to get started (and keep going!), and discover that walking can be fun and lead to greater fitness.

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