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ЗдоровьеEncyclopedia of Aging (4 Volume Set)

Encyclopedia of Aging (4 Volume Set)
Название:Encyclopedia of Aging (4 Volume Set)
Автор:David J. Ekerdt
Издательство:Macmillan Reference USA
Дата издания:2002-07-03
Размер:23.00 MB

This four-volume set makes the latest professional research on gerontology accessible to general readers, especially high school and college students. Under the direction of Ekerdt (sociology and gerontology, Univ. of Kansas), some of the world's leading gerontologists and aging researchers have contributed 400-plus concise and readable entries that offer excellent introductions to important concepts. The entries, which cover an array of topics selected from the humanities and the life, biological, and social sciences, feature such key issues as nursing homes, animal models of aging, the visual arts, mental health, community services, disorders of later life, sensory changes, housing, benefit programs, research techniques, genetics, careers in aging, and retirement. Although the text focuses primarily on the United States, aging in other nations and cultures is examined as well. Many of the entries are supplemented with diagrams, photographs, and drawings, and all are accompanied by short, current bibliographies of primary resource materials. A contents outline explains the encyclopedia's approach to aging, while the list of articles offers an overview of the entire set. In addition, numerous cross references help readers navigate aging's interdisciplinary knowledge base.

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