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WEB-разработкиChoosing an Open Source CMS: Beginner's Guide

Choosing an Open Source CMS: Beginner's GuideАвтор: Nirav Mehta
Название: Choosing an Open Source CMS: Beginner's Guide
Издательство: Packt Publishing Ltd
Год: 2009
Формат: PDF
ISBN: 1847196225
Страниц: 340
Качество: eBook
Размер: 10.4 Mb
Язык: английский
Для сайта:

Эта книга поможет начинающему вебмастеру сделать правильный выбор среди множества бесплатных систем управления сайтом, для своего проекта.

There are many powerful open source CMSs available to take the pain away from managing a web site. These systems are feature rich, often easy to use, and free. Unfortunately, there are so many choices it's tough to be sure you're choosing the right one. How can you be sure that you are selecting and working with the right tool?

This book will guide you through choosing the right CMS for your needs. You can be confident in your choice of CMS for the needs of your project. It will also help you make a start using the CMS, and give you a feel for what it's like to use it – even before you install it yourself.

Are you bewildered by the many open source CMSs available online? Open source CMSs are the best way to create and manage sophisticated web sites. You can create a site that precisely meets your business goals, and keep the site up to date easily because these systems give you full control over every aspect of your site. Because open source CMSs are free to download, you have a huge amount of choice between the various systems.

Yet there are many open source CMSs to choose from, each with unique strengths – and occasionally limitations too. Choosing between the bewildering number of options can be tough.

Making the wrong choice early on may lead to a lot of wasted work, because you'll have a half-finished site that doesn't meet your initial requirements – and needs to be restarted from scratch.

This book will show you how to avoid choosing the wrong CMS. It will guide you through assessing your site requirements, and then using that assessment to identify the CMS that will best fit your needs. It contains discussions of the major CMSs, and the issues that you should consider when choosing: their complexity to use, their features and the power they offer. It discusses technical considerations such as programming languages and compliance with best practice standards in a clear, friendly way that non-technical readers can understand.

The book also contains quick-start guides and examples for the most popular CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal, so that you can experiment with these CMSs, get a feel for how they work, and start using them to build your site.

After reading this book, you can be confident that your CMS choice will support your web site's needs because you have carefully assessed your requirements and explored the available options.

Select and use the best open source content management system for your needs – even if you have never seen one before.

What you will learn from this book :

* Analyze your web site's CMS requirements, and identify the CMS options that best suit your needs
* Explore the differences between the major CMSs, and understand which CMS option best fits your site
* Assess your technical skill level and choose a CMS that combines ease of use with flexibility and power
* Extensive discussion and quick start guides for several major CMSs: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, and more
* Discover "speciality CMSs" for specific requirements: intranets, document sharing, community, e-commerce, blogging, and more.
* Know how to choose the right developers and designers to customize the CMS to your requirements
* Know what to do when your CMS plays up: troubleshoot, get help from the community, and make full use of the documentation
* Make sure your web site gets the best hosting: find an ISP that can provide your CMS with the web hosting it needs, or learn about hosting the site on your own server
* Investigate the plug-ins available for each CMS – plug-ins extend the power of a CMS, meaning that you can build features into your site that the CMS on its own might not provide

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