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Военная историяTerrible Exile: The Last Days of Napoleon on St Helena

Terrible Exile: The Last Days of Napoleon on St Helena
Название: Terrible Exile: The Last Days of Napoleon on St Helena
Автор: Brian Unwin
Издательство: I.B.Tauris
Год: 2010
Количество страниц: 240
Язык: English
Формат: pdf
Размер: 6.5 Mb

At its height, the Napoleonic Empire spanned much of mainland Europe. Napoleon was the most powerful and famous man of his age. But following his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo the future of the one-time Emperor of France and master of Europe seemed irredeemably bleak. How did the brilliant tactician cope with being at the mercy of his captors? How did he react to a life in exile on St Helena - and how did the other inhabitants of that isolated and impregnable island respond to his presence there? And what tactics did he develop to preserve his legacy in such drastically reduced circumstances?
Tracing events from the dramatic defeat at Waterloo to his death six years later, this is the first modern comprehensive account of the last phase of Napoleon’s life. Drawing on many previously overlooked journals and letters, Brian Unwin has pieced together a remarkably vivid account of Napoleon’s final years which also offers fresh insights into the character of this giant of European history.

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