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Военная историяAir War for Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete 1940-41

Air War for Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete 1940-41
Название: Air War for Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete 1940-41
Автор: Christopher Shores, Brian Cull, Nicola Malizia
Издательство: Grub Street
ISBN: 0948817070
Год издания: 1987
Язык: English
Количество страниц: 459
Формат: PDF-RAR
Размер: 135,9 mb

The air battle for Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete began in June 1940 with the Italian declaration of war. In the past, there has been much controversy amongst air historians on many of the details of the operations. It was here, for example, that "Pat" Pattie believed by many to be the Royal Air Force's "unknown" top-scoring fighter pilot of the whole war, saw most of his action.
Taken from extensive research into available British, Italian and German records, and interviews and correspondence with survivors or relatives of those present, this book seeks to provide an accurate portrait of the air war for Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete from 1940-41.


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