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Военная историяKagero Miniatury Lotnicze 17 Luftflotte IV

Kagero Miniatury Lotnicze 17 Luftflotte IVKagero Miniatury Lotnicze 17 Luftflotte IV
Автор: Krzysztof Janowicz
Издательство: Kagero
ISBN 83-89088-65-7
Год издания: 2003
Язык: польский/английский
Страниц: 110
Формат: PDF
Размер: 78 Mb

Изображения: цветные и черно-белые фото, цветные рисунки
The seventh day of the war... Heinkels, heavily loaded with bombs swayed in the air lightly heading east at the altitude of 1500 meters. How many times did the KG crews take off to destroy the Polish army's infrastructure by bombing railroad stations, bridges and supplies. Despite the fact that the bombers were filled with bombs to the maximum the number of targets seemed to be infinite. This time the target was a bridge over the Vistula River, near DebIin. The bridge was used by Polish forces escaping the German claws. In spite of the fact that the Polish Air Forces were presumed and reported destroyed, the planes with red and white chessboard were xpected. KG 4 crews learned several times how dangerous the outdated P.l l's could prove. Not later than the day before, from the formation of three Heinkels only one, heavily amaged and with two wounded crew members returned.

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