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Военная историяBristol fighter

Bristol fighter
Bristol fighter (Windsock Datafile 115)
By L. A. Rodgers

Publisher: Albatros Productions Limited 2006 36 Pages
ISBN: 1902207777

The colours and markings of the Bristol Fighter were generally in accord with standard British finish­ing practices of the 1917/1918 period. Both F.2As and F.2Bs normally left the factory with their uppersurfaces finished in PC 10 'Khaki green' used either as a pigment in varnish or dope; undersur-faces were clear-doped under a finishing coat of VI14 varnish. It was Spring 1917 that PC10, and later PC12, either in dope, varnish, or both became general. In many instances fuselage undersides were finished in PC10 or PC12 along with undercarriage units while the camouflage colour often wrapped around the flying and/or control surfaces by about one -two ins. providing a border to the clear-doped and varnished surfaces.
National markings were applied in the usual six positions and those on camou­flaged surfaces were outlined by a one inch white ring following official in­structions in May 1917. To make national markings more visible the specifications were changed from the original VR1 Red, VW1 White and VB1 Blue to VR3, VW3 and VB2 respectively.
Doping scheme codes were applied in one or two inch characters to various parts of the airframe, usually on the white rudder stripe, fins and on clear doped/varnished wing tail tip under-surfaces.

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