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Военная историяF-100 Super Sabre (1) Regular Air Force Fighter Wings

F-100 Super Sabre (1) Regular Air Force Fighter Wings
F-100 Super Sabre (1) Regular Air Force Fighter Wings (Colors & Markings 14)
By David W. Menard

Publisher: Kalmbach Pub Co 1990 48 Pages
ISBN: 0830685383

Although this is'the fourteenth title in the Colors & Markings Series, it is a first for this series of aviation publications, and it is unique. The first thirteen volumes were all written "in house" at Detail & Scale by Bert Kinzey and/or Ray Leader. This is the first title to be written by an author outside Detail & Scale, and we are very pleased to have David W. Menard do this book for us. Recognized throughout aviation circles as a true expert on the Super Sabre. Dave is a retired USAF Master Ser­geant who spent many years with the F-100. For well over a quarter of a century he has been collecting photo­graphs and information about the Super Sabre, and Me now possesses perhaps the most extensive, privately owned photo collection of F-100s in the world. When Dave first talked to Detail & Scale about doing this publi­cation, he explained that it was not his desire to make money by doing the book, but to share many of his photo­graphs with aviation enthusiasts everywhere. In fact, he insisted on contributing a considerable sum of his own funds to the production costs of the book in order to pay for more color separations than the usual budget would allow.

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