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Военная историяSwifter Than Eagles: The Biblical Middle East at War

Swifter Than Eagles: The Biblical Middle East at War
Swifter Than Eagles: The Biblical Middle East at War (Field of Glory 9)
By Richard Bodley-Scott, Peter Dennis

Publisher: Osprey Publishing 2009 88 Pages
ISBN: 1846034809

This book covers the better known armies of the Near East in the Bronze and Iron Ages up until die creation of the Achaemenid Persian Empire in the mid-6th century BC.
Metallurgy developed first in the mountains of the Anatolian highlands (in modern Turkey), where diere were rich deposits of metal ores. The Early Bronze Age (3500-2000 BC) saw the rise of urbanisation with the creation of city states throughout the "Fertile Crescent" from Egypt to Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) and the development of larger kingdoms such as those of Egypt and Akkad.The Middle Bronze Age (2000-1600) saw major movements of peoples, such as the Amorites, Hittites, Hurrians and Hyksos, changing the political map. The development of true chariots towards the end of this period revolutionised warfare. The Late Bronze Age (1600-1200) saw the great kingdoms - Egypt, the Hittites, Mitamii, Assyria and Babylon -competing for power on a grand scale.
In the late 13th and early 12th centuries, however, there appears to have been a major crisis throughout the Near East, resulting in the complete collapse of the Aegean (Mycenaean) and Anatolian (Hittite) palace cultures and the retreat of the Egyptian Kingdom to its core territory. The causes of this collapse are disputed, but there is no doubt that the period saw major migrations of militant peoples throughout the Mediterranean region, particularly the enigmatic "Sea Peoples".

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