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Военная историяMiG-19: Day Interceptor & Two-seat Variants

MiG-19: Day Interceptor & Two-seat Variants
MiG-19: Day Interceptor & Two-seat Variants; MiG-19, S, SV, S-105, Shenyang J-6/F-6, JZ-6, JJ-6/FT-6, J-61, II & III
By Ivo Pavlosky

Publisher: 4+ Publication 2003 45 Pages
ISBN: 8090070884

In July 1950 the Supreme Council in Moscow conceived the requirements for a new fighter whose performance would substantially surpass those of the MiG-15 Fagot and MiG-17 Fresco fighters. One of the design offices charged to develop such an aero­plane was the famous Mikoyan Gurevich Design Bureau, headed by Artyom I. Mikoyan. The result of the development, which in general followed the lines of its predecessors, appeared as the MiG-19. The aircraft started to leave the production lines of the State Aircraft Factory at Gorkiy (GAZ No.21) in 1954 under the factory in-house designation "product 59" and a year later production was also launched at Novosibirsk (GAZ No.153, as product 25). In March 1955, the first unit of the WS (Soviet Air Force) at Kubinka AB received their MiG-19s and on 3 July, a formation of 48 aeroplanes made a spectacular fly-past overTushino, enabling Western intelligence to spot the modern fighter for the first time. Soon afterwards the MiG-19 received the NATO code name Farmer A.

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