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Военная историяA Pictorial History of the Blue Angels: U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Teams 1928-1981

A Pictorial History of the Blue Angels: U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Teams 1928-1981
A Pictorial History of the Blue Angels: U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Teams 1928-1981 (Aircraft Specials series 6030)
By Jim McGuire, Don Greer

Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications 1981 80 Pages
ISBN: 0897471172

This book deals primarily with a present day group Of men and aircraft that represent the epitome of Navy and Marine Corps aviation. In order to more fully understand where they came from, this book also takes a brief look back to the very beginning of naval aviation and early precision acrobatic flying.
During those early years the men of those acrobatic teams, and the aircraft they flew, ventured into a realm of flight that bore a resemblance to the early days of American space pioneering. Men with limited knowledge and machines with limited technology joined together to bring about a naval tradition. It is a tradition of 'teamwork', and it is on this very basis that these unique groups of aviators and aircraft have come together during the last half century and each left their mark in the history of Navy and Marine aviation.
Each team, in their own unique way, has carried the inspirations of their forefathers in aerial displays of precision formation flying. They have flown their breathtaking performances through an evolution of men, machines and maneuvers while continually striving for the ultimate goal of perfection.
Even before the Three Sea Hawks of 1928, precision formation Hying was a routine and very important aspect of naval aviation. However, it remained for these fledgling airmen to bring their display of aerial teamwork down close to the ground for the benefit of spectators. That first exhibition of aerial showmanship set the stage for what is today's team of men and aircraft that had become world renowned for its display of the art of flying. Recognized as the Navy and Marine Corps' first 'official' flight demonstra­tion squadron, the Blue Angels began their unprecedented history in June 1946. From (hat time until today, the Blue Angels have continued in their predecessor's footsteps and could exemplify their Navy heritage in no greater or more spectacular way than in the unity with which they fly.
An attempt to bring together the history of Navy and Marine Corps flight demonstration teams, seemed to this author, from the first, to be a very special undertaking. It was felt that to bring together all naval (light demonstration teams from the past to the present would be a salute to Navy-tradition, which is the basis on which this book has been written.

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