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Военная историяThe Roman Army of the Punic Wars 264-146 BC

The Roman Army of the Punic Wars 264-146 BC
The Roman Army of the Punic Wars 264-146 BC (Battle Orders 27)
By Nic Fields

Publisher: Os Publishing 2007 96 Pages
ISBN: 1846031451

As Rome's power and influence extended across the Mediterranean, she was destined for a collision with the Carthaginian Empire, a clash ultimately resulting in the decisive Second Punic War. At first the Roman Army was no match for the superior tactics and leadership of Hannibal and his troops. However, talented generals like Scipio Africanus transformed the legions into a formidable fighting force. Covering Rome's catastrophic defeats at Lake Trasimene and Cannae to her final victory at Zama, this book examines the development of Roman tactics and organization through Rome's transition from a city-based state to a Mediterranean powerhouse.

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