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Военная историяFlower Class Corvettes (Ensign 3)

Flower Class Corvettes (Ensign 3)
Автор: Antony Preston, Alan Raven
Название: Flower Class Corvettes (Ensign 3)
Издательство: Bivouac Books Ltd
Год: 1973
Формат: PDF (rar+3%)
Размер: 49,78 Мб
Язык: Английский
Количество страниц: 51

Описание:Ensign No. 3 needs no introduction and every person with any son of interest in warships has heard of the Flower' corvette: the most famous typo of escort vessel ever built The class м д whole was worked so hard on convoy duty that by 1945 a large number of the class were completely worn out Although uncomfortable in the extreme they had one invaluable asset they could turn sharper than a U»boat. This and a good radius of action made them formidable opponents.
With nearly 300 ships in the class we decided to concentrate more on the RN ships rather than the Canadian and French vessels although this has been partly offsoi hy the selection of a Canadian vessel for the cenlie artwork We were unable to determine exactly the design on the srde of the 4m gun shield on the Snowberty so perhaps one of our Canadian readers or в former crew member can enlighten us. We feel that Snowherry. with the open игю*дс, two single 20mm mounts. 2-pdr pom pom and the delicate three-colour Western Ap pi о aches camouflage is so very typical of corvette appearance during the height of the U-boat war in the Atlantic.
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