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Военная историяStug III Ausf. G

Stug III Ausf. G
Stug III Ausf. G (Photosniper Series 15)
By George Parada, Mariusz Suglia, Wojciech Styrna

Publisher: Kagero 2002 68 Pages
ISBN: 8389088096

We have published only 14 books in Photosniper series so far and the editions of the first issues are out of print. Reorganisation of distribution and increasing attracti­veness of the series caused that we are available in many places where Readers could not buy earlier issues. No won­der that we receive more and more letters with the request for reedition of the first books. We put off this decision for a long time as Photosniper series developes so dynamically that the firts issues are too modest in comparison with the last ones. It is enough to comparethe number of photos -40-50 in first books and 150-200 in last ones.
To fulfil requests of those Readers, who look for older issues and to meet requirements of the remained Suppor­ters of Photosniper we decided to repeat only the best part of each title. In case of StuG III Ausf. G we publish only the color part of No. 2 book, which contains 47 very interesting photos of Koblenz museum exhibit. To this part we have ad­ded more than 100 photos of Aberdeen, Banska Bystrzyca, Bowington exhibits and a very interesting series of photos of Koblenz exhibit interior. We managed to include the pho­tos on 32 pages. Totally we present the record number of color pages in Photosniper series (60) at the price of "nor­mal" issue.
The historical part consits of completely new story by George Parada with the collection of new archive photos. This books on StuG III is enriched with bonus - three-color decal sheet related to new color schemes.

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