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Военная историяAFV Weapons Profile 02 Panzer Kampfwagen III

AFV Weapons Profile 02 Panzer Kampfwagen III
AFV Weapons Profile 02 Panzer Kampfwagen III
Автор: Walter Spielberger
Издательство: Profile Publications
Год издания: 1970
Язык: английский
Страниц: 22
Формат: PDF
Размер: 5 Mb
Изображения: черно-белые фото, цветные рисунки
BY 1935, the tank-building industry in Germany had finally gained sufficient experience to incorporate ideas of its own in tank designs. The development of the Panzer 1 and II and the study of foreign tanks led to new ideas which turned out to be sometimes quite elaborate, complicated and costly. Consideration of the needs of mass production was generally neglected, for which mistake a high price had to be paid during later war years. General Guderian had initially envisaged two basic types to act as main equipment for the future German armoured force. The first vehicle was to be equipped with an armour piercing gun, in addition to two machine-guns, while the other type was to serve as a support vehicle, being equipped with a larger gun. The first one, later to become the Panzerkampfwagen III, was intended as the standard equipment for the three light companies of a tank battalion.

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