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Военная историяBivouac Books Ensign 01 King George 5 Class

Bivouac Books Ensign 01 King George 5 Class
Bivouac Books Ensign 01 King George 5 Class
Автор: Alan Raven
Издательство: Bivouac Books Ltd
ISBN 85680-002-3
Год издания: 1972
Язык: английский
Страниц: 40
Формат: PDF
Размер: 47 Mb

Изображения: цветные и черно-белые фото, цветные рисунки

With this publication Bivouac Books and myself would like to introduce you to ENSIGN, a series dealing initially with the Royal Navy 1939-45.
For many years I have felt that there was a need for books that covered the ships of the Navy in a visually
pertinent way. There have been several historical narratives and a few technical treatises on the subject but although valid in themselves they do not give the sort of information that I believe the average warship buff to require. We hope that this series will rectify the situation.
One of my own main criticisms in the past has been of the published size of photographs. We have endeavoured here to print photographs as large and as clear as possible, and to give wherever possible the month the picture was taken. Some of the photos will be familiar but the majority come from mainly untapped sources. There will be included in each issue a number of on-board and close-up shots;
these should please the model-makers. In every volume there will be line drawings from official plans and a colour section to show the camouflage patterns used.
Number 2 in the series will depict the DIDO Class cruisers. Wartime photo coverage for these vessels is quite good and we are able to include shots of neglected vessels as well as showing the better-known ships of the class. Our cover photo will be a superb shot of the least-known of the class — HMS Bonaventure.
One final point. We are trying to make this series as much yours as it is ours, aiming to include in it the things that you want to see. If you have any thoughts or criticisms on the series, drop us a line.
I am grateful for the assistance of Messrs J. D. Brown, F. Mantle and D. G. Weldon in the compilation of this pilot volume.

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