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Военная историяSquadron/Signal Publications 2044: Italian Truck-Mounted Artillery in Action

Squadron/Signal Publications 2044: Italian Truck-Mounted Artillery in ActionНазвание: Squadron/Signal Publications 2044: Italian Truck-Mounted Artillery in Action
Автор: Ralph Riccio, Nicola Pignato
Издательство: Squadron/Signal Publications
ISBN: 0897476018
Год: 2010
Страниц: 58
Формат: PDF в RAR
Размер: 97.4МБ
Язык: английский
200 b/w photographs, plus color truck profiles and detailed line drawings. Italian military planners saw the need for highly mobile artillery early in the 20th Century. Accordingly, Italy began mounting anti-aircraft weapons on truck chassis prior to WWI, giving birth to the autocannone, a weapon concept which would soldier through both World Wars. Inspired by the German half-tracks equipped with 88mm guns, the Italians reprised the autocannone with their 90/53 guns on a heavy truck chassis. Other vehicles, some captured, were mated with a wide variety of weapons, often in the field. A unique and lavishly-illustrated survey of the various weapon combinations devised by the Italian military from the inception of the autocannone until the end of WWII. Covers 75/27 CK, Ceirano 50 CMA, 76/30 RM, 90/53, 102/35, Lancia 3 Ro NM, Breda 52, Camionetta Desertica Mod 42 and 43, Fiat 634N, TL 37 4X4, CMP Ford F15.

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