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Военная историяAncient Celts (Barbarians!)

Ancient Celts (Barbarians!)
Автор: Kathryn Hinds
Название: Ancient Celts (Barbarians!)
Издательство: Marshall Cavendish Children's Books
Год: 2009
Формат: PDF (rar+3%)
Размер: 10,39 Мб
Язык: Английский
Количество страниц: 79
Описание: From School Library Journal
Using well-documented original sources and archaeological research, Hinds tells the story of people not always given a voice, expanding the ancient world beyond Rome, Greece, Egypt, and China. Calling people Barbarians, however, foreshadows an issue of perspective in a number of the volumes. "Barbarian," as explained in the introduction to each volume, derives from the Greek for people who did not understand their language and thus were viewed as uncivilized. Unfortunately, though the introduction claims that these people were civilized in their own ways, the lives of the subjects are revealed mainly in relation to the Greco-Roman world, and more focus is put on the battles and conflicts fought with the Romans, Greeks, or Persians than on what kinds of lives these "Barbarians" led. The exception is Vikings, which takes much from the Norse sagas and other sources to create a fascinating, accurate look at these people at the height of their power.
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