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Военная историяConcord Publications 6506 March of the Deaths Head Division

Concord Publications 6506 March of the Deaths Head DivisionConcord Publications 6506 March of the Deaths Head Division
Автор: Paul Thomas Tom Cockle Stephen Andrew
Издательство: Concord Publications
ISBN 962-361-687-2
Год издания: 2005
Язык: английский
Страниц: 54
Формат: PDF
Размер: 42 Mb

Изображения: цветные и черно-белые фото, цветные рисунки

In addition 10 the Verfiigungstruppe, there was another full-time jmed SS formation in Germany prior to the outbreak of war in 1939. It Im composed of the so-called SS-Totenkopferbdnde, or SS Death's Pfcad detachments, which guarded the concentration camps. The first of Arte units was established, late in 1933. at Dachau by SS Theodor Eicke. Over the next few years that followed Eatke officially became Inspector of Concentration Camps and Commander of the SS Death's Head detachments. He then set about finrestablishing his new force and reorganised and enlarged the mnmlopferbiincle into five numbered Sturmhanne: I 'Oberhayern', II III 'Sacksen IV 'Ostfriesland', and V Brandenburg'. By 1937 Ae fie battalions were again reorganised, this time into three Standarten, tiKh carried the designations 'Oberbayern'Brandenburg'. and Hhmrinien'. In addition to their guard duties, the Totenkopf formations
pur pa ted along with the Verfiigungstruppe in the occupations ot ABUna. the Sudetenland, and zechoslovakia. A number of Totenkopf Jntprt n also provided military training for members of the Allgemeine SS ho were to be mobilised as 'pol ice reinforcements in the event ot ar When war finally came in September 1939, around 40,000 SS reservists were called up to fill more than a dozen new tenkopfstandarten.

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