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Военная историяMarine Corps aviation: The early years 1912-1940

Marine Corps aviation: The early years 1912-1940
Marine Corps aviation: The early years 1912-1940
By Edward C Johnson

Publisher: History and Museums Division, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps 1991 117 Pages
ISBN: B0006CU8M2

This brief history of Marine aviation from 1912 to 1940 describes the efforts of Marines to secure their own air arm and recounts the early development of the Marine air-ground team. The story is drawn from official reports, documents, and personal correspondence, as well as from published historical works. It also draws heavily upon the transcribed reminiscences of notable Marine aviators collected and preserved by the Oral History Section of the History and Museums Division.
Lieutenant Colonel (now Colonel) Edward C. Johnson, USMC, did the initial research for this history and wrote the first draft. Colonel Johnson received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin and is himself an experienced fighter pilot, squadron and group commander. He commanded VMFA-251 in 1969 when the squadron received the Robert M. Hansen Award for outstanding performance. Colonel Johnson came to the History and Museums Division in June 1970 from Vietnam, where he served on the staff of Marine Aircraft Group 13.
Additional research and editing of the manuscript were done by Carolyn A. Tyson and Captain Steven M. Silver, USMCR. Dr. Graham A. Cosmas extensively revised the manuscript and incorporated in it much primary source material not available when Colonel Johnson prepared the initial draft. Dr. Cosmas, who received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Oberlin College and his doctorate from Colonel Johnson's alma mater, the University of Wisconsin, completed the editing of the manuscript and prepared it for publication.
The History and Museums Division welcomes any comments on the narrative and additional information or illustrations which might enhance a future edition.

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