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Военная историяThe Army of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw (Poland) in the Napoleonic Wars

The Army of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw (Poland) in the Napoleonic WarsАвтор:Jan Chelminski and Bronislaw Gzembrezewski
Название:The Army of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw (Poland) in the Napoleonic Wars
Размер:147 mb
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One of Napoleon's staunchest allies, the Grand Duchy of Warsaw. Tired of being a vassal of its neighbors the alliance with the French offered the Pole's an opportunity to display their military prowess on the European stage. They performed well in all the campaigns in which they were involved. The Polish Minister of War Joseph Poniatowski was even given the honor of being appointed a Marshal of France. This CD includes the brilliant art of two famous Polish artists. Jan Chelminski and Bronislaw Gzembrezewski. It also includes detailed notes on all the prints and a complete copy of the Uniform Regulations for the Army of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw. There is no more complete or accurate depiction and description of these uniforms anywhere at any price. The Gzembrezewski prints come from editions of the French journal LE SABRETACHE published ca. 1895. The originals of these rare prints were lost during World War II in Poland. This set comes with detailed notes by Polish military expert Dr. David Stefancic of Saint Mary's College.

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