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Военная историяWar Built Destroyers O-Z Classes (Ensign 06)

War Built Destroyers O-Z Classes (Ensign 06)
Автор: Alan Raven, John Roberts
Название: War Built Destroyers O-Z Classes (Ensign 06)
Издательство: Plaistow Press Ltd
Год: 1976
Формат: PDF (rar+3%)
Размер: 41 Мб
Язык: Английский
Количество страниц: 50
Описание: In covering with this volume the O-Z war-built vessels we hope to bring attention to a much neglected destroyer group. It has been popular comment that these classes compare badly with their foreign con¬temporaries but it is not simply size together with torpedo and gun power that constitutes a successful design. Seaworthiness, and above all, reliability, play a vital part, and these were characteristics justly laid claim to by the British destroyers.
The Os and Ps in particular are often thought of as the low-water mark of British destroyer design and construction but of all the war-built classes they gave more service during the period of hostilities than any other in spite of their low-angle main armament, which was of doubtful value against aircraft; the paucity of close-range AA guns; and their limited anti-submarine capabilities.
The Os and Ps were quickly followed into service by the great mass of the remaining classes, and these ships (along with a number of large pre-war built fleet vessels) made up the bulk of the Home Fleet's destroyer force. Operating in the Arctic month after month without respite the qualities of the British destroyer were tested and revealed by the hard grind of operations in northern waters. Their German counter¬parts, although larger and more heavily armed, were simply not equally suitable to the conditions of Arctic operations.
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