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Военная историяUSAS 1st Pursuit Group

USAS 1st Pursuit Group
USAS 1st Pursuit Group (Aviation Elite Units 28)
By Jon Guttman

Publisher: Osprey Publishing 2008 128 Pages
ISBN: 1846033098

Starting operations in the relatively quiet Toul sector in March 1918, the 1st Pursuit Group initially flew Nieuport 28s, given to the Americans because the French did not want them. Expanded by the arrival of additional squadrons, the 1st Pursuit Group went to war in earnest over Château Thierry in July, initially suffering heavy losses. Re-equipped with Spad XIIIs, the battle-seasoned group went on to fame over St. Mihiel and the Argonne, claiming the most enemy kills by any group in the USAS - partly thanks to the American 'ace of aces', Eddie Rickenbacker, and balloon-busting ace, Frank Luke, both of whom were also awarded the Medal of Honour. Discover the history of America's first fighter aces in this book as first-hand accounts, rare photographs and a wide variety of accurate, full-colour profiles reveal their thrilling combat experiences.

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