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Военная историяLatvian Air Force 1918-40

Latvian Air Force 1918-40
Latvian Air Force 1918-40 (Insignia Air Force Special 5)
By Richard Humberstone

Publisher: Blue Rider Publishing 2000 52 Pages
ISBN: 1902851048

A confused situation prevailed upon Latvia's declaration of independence on 18 November 1918. The country was immediately irvaded by Bolshevik forces seeking to prevent its secession, and the provisional government was forced to relocate from Riga to Liepaja. Attempts wore made to secure the aid of Latvia's German-Baits in the fight against the Bolsheviks, but as the provisional government had not addressed the Bolts rights and privileges, no help was forthcoming. The Liepaja government was overthrown and ministers fled to the safety of a Royal Navy ship in Liepaja harbour.
German forces were still in Latvia at this time, as Freikorps formations, and created a puppet government at Liepaja. An offensive was mounted against the Bolsheviks, and this was joined by Latvian military formations, with the intention of restoring the Latvian government. This joint Latvian/German offensive succeeded in driving the Reds out of Riga into the northern area of Vidzeme. A joint Estonian and Latvian offensive successfully pushed the Soviets out of this area.

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