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Военная историяSoviet Air Force Fighter Colours 1941-45

Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours 1941-45Название: Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours 1941-45
Автор: Erik Pilawskii
Издательство: Classic Publications
ISBN: 190322330X
Год: 2004
Страниц: 224
Формат: PDF в RAR
Размер: 140.8МБ
Качество: отличное
Язык: английский
This book represents probably the most detailed study published in the English language of the camouflage and markings of the fighter aircraft of the Soviet Air Force during World War II. Erik Pilawskii is a scholar of the Soviet Air Force in World War II and has undertaken several years of research to produce this ground-breaking book. With information drawn from previously inaccessible Soviet archives, the author first presents a detailed analysis of the developments, trends, patterns and irregularities of the color systems seen on Russian fighters and offers a fascinating insight into the workings of the Soviet manufacturing system responsible for this task. He then brings readers a technical study of each of the main fighter aircraft and variants, and each description is followed by coverage of camouflage and markings, factory-applied, field variations and seasonal. The text is supported by hundreds of rare and previously unpublished photographs and more than 40 commissioned full color artworks. Furthermore, hundreds of color illustrations portray the immense variety of patterns related to this fascinating subject. This book will be a must-have for all students of Soviet air power and Russian aircraft modelers.

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