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Военная историяFrench Napoleonic Artillery

French Napoleonic Artillery
French Napoleonic Artillery
By Michael G. Head

Publisher: Almark Publishing 1977 72 Pages
ISBN: 0855240113

This publication presents in one volume a comprehensive account of the French Artillery forces of the First Empire period. It illustrates and describes the guns and auxiliary transport equipment as well as the artillery arms and their uniforms of the campaigns which culminated in the Battle of Waterloo, 1815. French uniforms and dress regulations of the Napoleonic era were immensely complex, in the artillery no less than in the other arms. The book covers the years 1804-1815 and all changes in uniform detail are recorded. Where possible, descriptions of uniform in the text are keyed to the appropriate colour illustration or drawing. Thus it is possible to find the drawing quickly from the plate and reference letter, all the drawings of guns and transport vehicles are reproduced to 1:30 scale, specially for the modeller working with the standard 54-55111111 size minature soldier figures.
Sincere thanks are due to Lynn Sangster of Historex Agents for his continued encouragement and assistance with the researches for this book. Thanks are also due to Frank Hinchliffe of Hinchliffe Models for the information on the unusual ambulances shown in the book.

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