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Военная историяAncient Greek Fortifications 500-330 BC

Ancient Greek Fortifications 500-330 BC
Ancient Greek Fortifications 500-330 BC (Fortress 40)
By Nic Fields, Brian Delf

Publisher: Os Publishing 2006 64 Pages
ISBN: 1841768847

The development of the city-state in the Classical period of Greek history led to a shift in the nature of the fortifications in that part of the world. Fortresses were no longer designed to defend a ruler and his entourage; the whole of the citizen body had to be protected against any outside threats. Simple as they were, Ancient Greek fortifications served their purpose in offering protection to the inhabitants from the ravages of the Persian and Peloponnesian wars. This book details the construction and ongoing development of the defences that protected some of the most illustrious sites in Greece during the most famous period of its history.

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