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Военная историяH-60 Black Hawk in Action

H-60 Black Hawk in Action
H-60 Black Hawk in Action (Aircraft 133)
By Paul Pickett

Publisher: Squadron Signal Publications 1993 50 Pages
ISBN: 0897472950

The H-60 family of military helicopters (Sikorsky designation S-70) evolved from the experiences learned in combat in Southeast Asia. The UH-1 Huey's prolific use led to true mobility and revealed the true value of the helicopter to a modern army. Many of the airmobility tactics used today were developed during this conflict.
In Vietnam the helicopter had became more than just an observation and aeromedical evacuation platform. It provided battlefield commanders with accurate, close-in air support, rapid troop transportation without the restrictions imposed by terrain, rapid resupply. airborne command and control, electronic jamming and support, special operations insertions and extractions, combat rescue of downed aviators behind enemy lines or at sea. recovery of downed aircraft and many other missions.
Even though the helicopters used in Vietnam performed superbly, there were problems. These aircraft did not have the power to carry full loads under "hot and high" conditions, which were common in this theater. Maintenance requirements were relatively high to keep the machines in the air and. despite the fact that many aircraft took multiple hits and kept flying, a single well placed 7.62mm round could bring down most Vietnam era heliconters.

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