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Военная историяCrusader Knight

Crusader Knight
Crusader Knight
By David Nicolle, Christa Hook

Publisher: Os Publishing 1999 64 Pages
ISBN: 1855329344

This work contains first hand accounts from primary sources detailing the life of the soldiers who defended the Holy Land. In these brutal wars, it was the local families of the Kingdom of Jerusalem who were the true Crusaders, fighting to preserve their land and holy places surrounded by enemies.
Many books on the Crusades assume thai the Crusader states in the Middle East were .shadows of their former selves following Saladin's great victory at the battle of Hal tin in 1 187. (hitrcmcr, as medieval westerners called the remaining Latin or Catholic enclaves in the eastern Mediterranean, was no longer a threat to Islam and their military elites generally preferred to live in peace. Ionising on trade as much as the defence of Christendom's holv places. Following the Crusade of 1239-41 the Kingdom of Jerusalem expanded again, bill then fell back following the battle of I.a Forbie in 1244 — a disaster in thai it was more final than Hattin. Thereafter fear of an alliance between the Crusaders and the Mongol invaders convinced the Mamluks to destroy the Latin states once and for all. But the fall of Acre in 1291 was not the end of the storv. The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia survived for almost a century while the Crusader Kingdom of (Aprus outlasted the Middle Ages. Another Outremer had meanwhile been created around the Aegean and eventually into the Black Sea following the Fourth Crusade of 1204, In fact Ouireiner only survived because Furopeans dominated the seas while its gradual collapse usually resulted from insufficient manpower to hold fortified plans. Nevertheless ihis fall still came as a terrible shock to Christendom.

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