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Военная историяLight Aircraft Recognition

Light Aircraft Recognition
Light Aircraft Recognition
By Peter R. March

Publisher: Ian Allan Ltd 1997 96 Pages
ISBN: 1882663152

The book's aim is to provide a recognition guide to some of the diverse types of civilian-operated light aircraft, from the tiny ARV Super 2 to the aerobatic Zlin, likely to be seen at airports and airfields. Space does not permit the inclusion of many homebuilt aircraft designs, nor those types or variants seldom seen at provincial airports.
The aircraft are presented in the established abc 'Recognition Series' format, under the individual heading of the design company and/or principal manufacturer followed by the aircraft's category and the name of the variant for which the detailed description is then given. Standard headings are used to provide data on the aircraft's powerplant, dimensions, speed and accommodation. Where known, the first flight date of the prototype or the variant(s) marked is shown, followed by an indication of the number of the type produced. The key recognition features of the aircraft are then described, concluding with a list of the main variants of the type, with brief information as to how they vary one from another. Photographs are shown with each type of aircraft to help with recognition. This is repeated for light helicopters.
After the detailed presentations, further brief descriptions are provided covering a selection of homebuilt types and some company-manufactured aircraft, like the Christen Eagle and Yak-18, that are present only in relatively small numbers, but which should be included as significant light aircraft. To assist in locating specific aircraft by name and/or manufacturer, a comprehensive index and cross-reference has also been provided.

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