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Военная историяJane's Gun Recognition Guide

Jane's Gun Recognition Guide
Jane's Gun Recognition Guide
By Ian Hogg & Rod Adam

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers 1996 512 Pages
ISBN: 0004709799

Well, this book has it all, except for shotguns. If your looking for handguns, this book is for you. 200 out of 500 pages in this book is pistols and revolvers. This book is a statistics book, with a gun on every page. The pages are obviously double sided. With 500 pages, it has over 1000 firearms. I was dissiapointed to find only one photo of the gun, and the photos are in B&W. This book is not for the gun enthusiast who would like to see good color photos and pictures of people in action with them. This is for the research person or for persons in the military, who wishes to gain information on weapons. Still, overall, this book is worth the buy if you just want to know more about guns.

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