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Военная историяBristol Beaufighter

Bristol Beaufighter
Bristol Beaufighter (Warpaint 1)
By Alan W. Hall

Publisher: Warpaint Books 2000 30 Pages

ONE of the built-in disadvantages of British designed fighter aircraft right up to and including the BAC Lightning has always been the question of range and endurance. The thought thai the British Isles was only a small area prompted RAF Fighter Command to specify a Shorter range for its aircraft requirements as pre-war concepts did not envisage operations beyond the country's own shores. These concepts affected the design and construction of most fighter air­craft and although some brilliant designs did appear such as the Spitfire and Hurricane which were fast and manoeuvrable, they sac­rificed endurance for these qualities plus what at the time was thought to be efficient and hard-hitting armament.
It was therefore thanks to the far sight-edness of such aircraft designers as de Havilland, and Frise at Bristol, who realised that there would be a need for aircraft like the Bcaufighter and Mosquito which could take the war to the enemy over his own ter­ritory or have sufficient endurance to main­tain reasonably long standing patrols when in defence of the home land.

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