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Военная историяSDKFZ 251 Half Track

SDKFZ 251 Half Track
SDKFZ 251 Half Track (New Vanguard 25)
By Bruce Culver, Jim Laurier

Publisher: Osprey Publishing 1998 48 Pages
ISBN: 1855328461

Provides reference material for the modelling and tank enthusiast, with a computer generated cutaway of the SdKfz 251/1 Ausf. C. The author deals with the development, modifications and variations on the original models and with the tactical training and organisational aspects of the tanks deployment.

The efficient use of tanks in modern warfare has in large measure been the result of developments in combat vehicles designed to carry infantry units into action with the tanks, providing close-in support and protection from enemy tank-killer teams. Modern tank armoured infantry formations have evolved over many years; but the first widespread use of armoured infantry to accompany tanks in the assault occurred during the Second World War.
Near the end of the First World War, fairly large tank battles were fought at several places on the Western Front, perhaps the best, known being Cambrai. Early tanks, such as the British Mk 1-IV and the German A7V, were large, slow, unreliable, and often unwieldy. Nonetheless, to many farsighted front-line officers in both Allied and Central Power armies, these primitive lighting machines had changed the face of land warfare forever. Though most of these young officers were ignored by the entrenched military establishments, they were correct: the two major

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