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Военная историяLuftwaffe Secret Projects: Ground Attack & Special Purpose Aircraft

Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Ground Attack & Special Purpose AircraftНазвание: Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Ground Attack & Special Purpose Aircraft
Автор: Dieter Herwig
Издательство: Midland
Год: 2003
ISBN: 1857801504
Страниц: 274
Формат: pdf в RAR
Размер: 49.09МБ
Качество: хорошее
Язык: английский
This new addition takes a close look at a varied range of aircraft types, principally described as ground-attack and special-purpose types, but which includes Kampfzerstörer (multi-purpose combat aircraft), multi-purpose and fast bombers, explosive-carrying aircraft intended to attack other aircraft, air-to-air ramming vehicles, bomb-carrying gliders and towed fighters, and airborne weapons and special devices (rockets, cannons, flame-throwers, etc.)
The technical descriptions and histories of about 140 aircraft types are brought to life by many specially created full-color artworks, showing the projects, often in unit markings, as they might have appeared if they had come to fruition and/or if the war had continued beyond 1945. This series has proven indispensable for historians and notably for modelers, whose imaginations are fired up by these revelations.

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