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Военная историяBrandenburg W 12

Brandenburg W 12
Brandenburg W 12 (Windsock Datafile 61)
By Peter M. Grosz, Raymond L.

Publisher: Albatros Pr 1997 Pages
ISBN: 0948414936

Two well-known fighter aeroplanes were to bear the name Camel in 'The Great War'. There's the Sopwith product of course, and then there's the subject of this DATAFILE -the Hansa Brandenburg W12 floatplane. Few aeroplane designs of WWI would be subject to the continuous modifications and many experimental programmes of the W12. Yet all this fine-tuning of the type would pay off as W12 fighters proved most effective in the hands of the German Flanders-based Staffeln. With their firepower and speed these seaplanes were capable of taking on the big Felixstowe boats and at least two British airships were lost both directly, and indirectly, as a result of an attack by Obit. d. R. Friedrich Christansen flying a W12. Because of all the many changes made to the W12 and for reasons of space it has not been possible to provide drawings for every single known variant but the author's photo selection and the several contemporary GAs reproduced here will serve to clarify the W12's progressive design.

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