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Военная историяArmies of Medieval Burgundy 1364-1477

Armies of Medieval Burgundy 1364-1477
Armies of Medieval Burgundy 1364-1477 (Men-at-arms 144)
By Nicholas Michael, Gerry Embleton

Publisher: Os Publishing 1993 48 Pages
ISBN: 0850455189

King John the Good of France was captured by the English at the battle of Poitiers in 1356; his 14-year-old son Philip fought valiantly by his side until the bitter end, and as soon as he was in a position to do so, King John rewarded his son's courage and devotion by designating him Duke of Burgundy, a title that by chance had just become extinct. Philip was the first of the Valois Dukes of Burgundy and this fascinating text by Nicholas Michael examines the functioning and organisation of the Burgundian armies from the beginning of his reign until the time of the last of the Valois Dukes; Charles the Bold.

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