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Военная историяSky Truck

Sky Truck
Sky Truck (Colour Series)
By S. Piercey

Publisher: Osprey Publishing 1984 128 Pages
ISBN: 0850455529

Back in 1985, when large propeller-driven aircraft were simply old beasts relegated to flying local cargo routes in remote locations (that is, those planes lucky enough to escape the boneyard), there was little interest in these relics. Most warbirds were sleek fighters, not lumbering transports with four thirsty and leaky radials. Then there was Stephen Piercey, son of aviation writer Ray Piercey, who also flew a Vickers Viscount for a living. Mr. Piercey's passion for these unsung workhorses took him to all corners of the world to document a vanishing breed. He was also the founder of Propliner magazine, a subject that has garnered increasing interest over the past several years. Most of his photos are in Latin American countries such as Bolivia and Colombia; however, examples as far afield as India, Togo, and Kuwait are included.

Stephen Piercey's photographs are breathtaking, portraying not only these venerable aircraft, but also cultures and life-styles in countries most Westerners know little about. Furthermore, many of these pictures are rare, as the aircraft depicted have since crashed or been scrapped, including a very rare DC-6B Swing Tail. Extraordinary and rare types include a B-17 hauling meat in the Bolivian hinterlands and a Consolidated C-87 used as a repository for spare parts at La Paz. In addition to those two planes, another two are now museum pieces: the Vought-Sikorsky VS-44, shown derelict on St. Thomas and now beautifully restored at the New England Air Museum, Windsor Locks, CT, USA, and a Short Sandringham, now on display in Southampton, England.

These spectacular pictures (though some are marred by their placement over the book centerfold) are accompanied by interesting and amusing captions and anecdotes, reflecting the humor for which Stephen Piercey is fondly remembered. Mr. Piercey died in an air crash shortly after this book was published; this beautiful book is part of his legacy, a treat to today's fans of the wonderful old planes he loved so much.

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