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Военная историяFJ Fury

FJ Fury
FJ Fury (Detail & Scale 68)
By Bert Kinzey

Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications Inc. 2003 80 Pages
ISBN: 0897474619

When turbojet engines began being used as a means of propulsion for fighter aircraft in the mid-1940s, they brought with them the need for development in many other aspects of aircraft design. Engineers proceeded slowly at first, adapting the jets to tried and true formulas, but it was evident from the outset that advancements had to be made in aero­dynamics if the higher performance figures promised by the jet engines were going to be realized to the fullest extent. Swept wings and tail surfaces, more aerodynamic fuselages, and new control surfaces, like the all-flying tail, became nec­essary as development of jet fighters progressed.

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