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Военная историяThe Tower of London: A 2000 Year History

The Tower of London: A 2000 Year History
The Tower of London: A 2000 Year History (Landmarks in History)
By Geoffrey Parnell, Ivan Lapper

Publisher: Os Publishing 2000 48 Pages
ISBN: 1841761702

The Tower of London is one of the most famous and well-visited landmarks in the world, with a fascinating history brought to life in a uniquely visual way for the first time through this stunning book. 14 specially commissioned paintings by the renowned historical reconstruction artist, Ivan Lapper show the Tower from its earliest pre-Roman days, right up to the start of this new millennium. A fascinating and engaging narrative by the official Keeper of Tower History, Geoffrey Parnell, brings the sights, sounds, events and characters of the past to life. ·

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