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Военная историяCentral American Wars 1959-89 [Osprey Men-at-Arms 221]

Central American Wars 1959-89 [Osprey Men-at-Arms 221]
Автор: Carlos Caballero Jurado:
Название: Central American Wars 1959-89 [Osprey Men-at-Arms 221]:
Серия: Osprey Men-at-Arms 221:
Издательство: Osprey Publishing Ltd:
Страниц: 49:
Язык: Английский:
Год: 1990:
Формат: pdf в rar:
Размер: 16,8 Mb:
Для сайта: www.eknigi.org

Описание (About this book): Once predicted to be 'the Middle East of the Year 2000', Central America and the Caribbean have long been a powder keg of revolutionary activity and guerilla warfare. The United States, with important strategic and economic interests in the region, has traditionally opted for a military solution toward the political upheaval, developing a range of responses, from direct military intervention to the training of tens of thousands of Latin-American soldiers in anti-guerilla warfare techniques. This text, enhanced by colour plates and numerous photographs, examines the history of the Central American Wars by country, detailing the organization and uniforms of the combatants.

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