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Военная историяGeorge Washington's army

George Washington's army
George Washington's army (Men-at-arms 18)
By Peter Young

Publisher: Hippocrene Books 1973 48 Pages
ISBN: 0882541617

George Washington (1732-99) was elected Commander- in-chief of the Congressional Continental
Armies on 15 June 1775, and took over from General Artemas Ward on Cambridge Common, Massachusetts, on 3 July.
After the two skirmishes at Lexington and Concord (19 April 1775) the main bodies of troops of both sides were assembled in the Boston area - perhaps 15,000 armed New Englanders confronted 3,500 British troops. Then came Bunker Hill (17 June 1775) - a British victory, albeit a bloody one - following which they evacuated Boston, which saw no further action apart from occasional patrols and some artillery fire.
When it met in 1775 the Second Congress had not visualized a complete break with Britain; some of the troops raised -for example, the Rhode Islanders - were enlisted in 'His Majesty's Service and in the pay of the colony of Rhode Island for the preservation of the Liberties of America'. But events strengthened the hand of the radicals who advocated 'adopting' the Boston 'army', intending to supply, regulate and pay it.

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