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Военная историяGerman Aircraft of the Second World War

German Aircraft of the Second World War
German Aircraft of the Second World War (Putnam's German aircraft)
By John Richard Smith

Publisher: Brassey's: Putnam Aeronautical 1990 760 Pages
ISBN: 0851778364

This book traces the development of the German aircraft industry and the rebirth of German military aviation, together with details of the organisation responsible. The main part of the work is devoted to detailed descriptions and development and operational histories of all categories of aircraft in service during the war including operational aircraft and the major types of trainers.
Following this section there is full coverage of Germany's rotary-wing aircraft including the gyro-kites used at sea with U-boat fleets. Of enormous interest is the selection of aircraft projects - many so advanced in conception that they had a major influence on postwar aircraft development. The final main section of this book is devoted to the wide range of German guided and unguided missiles, which paved the way for man's exploration of space.
Appendices list the type numbers allocated to German aircraft and many of the more advanced projects.

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