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Военная историяF-101 Voodoo in detail & scale (D&S Vol.21)

F-101 Voodoo in detail & scale (D&S Vol.21)Название: F-101 Voodoo in detail & scale (D&S Vol.21)
Автор: Bert Kinzey
Издательство: Detail & Scale, Inc.
ISBN: 0830681310
Год: 1980
Страниц: 71
Формат: PDF в RAR
Размер: 61.14МБ
Язык: английский
This book offers the most detailed look yet at McDonnell's One-Oh-Wonder. Many detailed photographs, almost all of which were taken specifically for this publication, are included. For example, photographs of the radar antenna in the F-101B. Cockpit photos are included for the RF-101A/C, F-101B, and F-101F, while flight manual drawings provide details of the F-101A/C cockpit. While emphasis is placed on the most popular of the Voodoo variants, the F-101 B,coverage is not limited to only the two seat version. Details of the F-101A/C, RF-101A/C, and the reconnaissance conversions, the RF-101 B, -G, and -H are also provided. A developmental history that also covers the XF-88 Voodoo is included, as is background information on each version. But this is kept to a minimum in order to include as many of the detailed photographs as possible. For the scale modeler, the Modeler's Section covers the Voodoo kits, from the F-88 by Lindberg, dating back to the 1950s, to the Monogram F-101B, thus spanning over thirty years of model making.

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