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Военная историяStrategic Air Command: People, Aircraft, and Missiles

Strategic Air Command: People, Aircraft, and Missiles
Strategic Air Command: People, Aircraft, and Missiles (Repost)
By Norman Polmar

Publisher: The Nautical & Aviation Publishing Company of America 1979 235 Pages
ISBN: 0933852029

Silently, at a score of air bases throughout the United States, sentries patrol before giant aircraft, their wings bent low by heavy fuel loads; inside their mammoth fuselages rest several thermo-nuclear weapons. Nearby the bomber crews relax or sleep, only 15 minutes or less from takeoff.
Simultaneously, at scores of underground missile control centers, other Air Force officers live day to day in the presence of controls for launching more than a thousand intercontinental missiles.
At the same time, high above the United States, a large aircraft circles continuously, always relieved "on station," to keep a SAC general airborne with a command staff, with communications available to control all SAC bombers and missiles should the primary SAC command center near Omaha, Nebraska, be destroyed.
These are the principal elements of the land-based strategic striking forces of the United States, the Strategic Air Command. With the U.S. Navy's submarine-launched ballistic missiles, SAC provides the nation's strategic deterrence against nuclear war. These three strategic striking forces—which form the so-called TRIAD—are a primary factor in U.S. defense strategy.

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