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Военная историяDe Havilland Venom & Sea Venom

De Havilland Venom & Sea Venom
De Havilland Venom & Sea Venom (Warpaint 44)
By W.A. Harrison

Publisher: Warpaint Books 2004 48 Pages

The Venom FB.4 is probably the best fighter-bomber in its class in the world. This was from a statement given out by NATO HQ in 1958, and so it was to prove, for the Venom flew more oper­ational missions than any other post-war type. The FB.4 was an excellent gun plat­form and experienced pilots found accurate shooting straightforward. This was proved when the likes of No.8 Squadron in the Aden Protectorate had to attack one enemy-held building among others. Apart from helping to keep the peace in during the so-called 'Cold War" in Europe, Venoms flew strikes against terrorists in the Arabian Peninsular and Malaya.

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