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Военная историяU.S. Army - Air Force Fighter Planes: P-1 to F-105

U.S. Army - Air Force Fighter Planes: P-1 to F-105
U.S. Army - Air Force Fighter Planes: P-1 to F-105
By Edward J. Farley

Publisher: Aero Publisher 1957 64 Pages

This book presents in scale drawings and photos, the fighter planes that have made history and marked the progress from the Curtiss PI "Hawk" pursuit biplane of 1925 to the supersonic fighters of today.
Some of these ships never saw combat service. Many were experimental "one of a kind" designs. Others were highly successful, were produced by the thousands. All have contributed something to the steady march of design progress that has given our Air Force the finest fighter planes in the air today.
It will be noticed that some numbers are missing in the series. There are several reasons for this. In some cases the missing models were almost identical in appearance and dimensions to models that are included in the book. Some designs never existed, were given numerical designations, but never got beyond the drawing board, or were cancelled before completion. A few have been omitted simply because sufficient data was not obtainable to prepare scale drawings.
It is felt, however, that the drawings and photos included in this publication present an inclusive picture of all the important and most of the little-known fighter designs of our Air Force from 1925 to date.
The publisher wishes to thank all the airframe companies herein represented, and in particular to thank Mr. E. W. Robischon, West Coast Manager of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, for making available many of the older photos included in this volume.

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